Bloggers…..Today I got real inspired by reading the ‘Incomplete Manifesto for Growth’ by Bruce Mau, but when reading the ‘First Things First Manifesto’ not so much! For me the way Bruce Mau wrote this manifesto and his use of language made it more modern, more relative and fun!! For me as graphic design student it really encouraged and motivated me. Gave me some new perspective on how to look at design and how to approach my work in the future.


When reading through the ‘First Things First Manifesto’ it kind of seems like all the undersigned are complaining in some sort of way about how the design world is functioning and how communication is used through design. They point out that designers devote their time to the wrong kind of work. This includes advertising, marketing and brand development, which for me is actually very important. Because this forms part of our everyday lives, we help people make choices by contributing in the design process. According to me we as designers make the world more interesting and can influence people in every aspect of life. And it is not that we don’t give attention to other areas/pursuits of design, the question is if those companies/agencies etc. wants our expertise.



Bruce Mau’s manifesto really made me think and I started to look back at how I do and experience things design wise. The one thing that really stood out for me was that we have come to rely too much on technology and that hinders our creativity. We should instead take out our notebooks and begin to sketch first. And another thing is that all of us shouldn’t be afraid of failure, it is part of life and it forms part of the creative process.

The other thing that grabbed my attention was Nr. 41 of Mau’s Manifesto, how comfortable we are of expressing ourselves just by laughing. And this is so true, because if I look back at these last three years I could honestly say that I have never laughed so much…..HAHAH!

You can read the manifestos for yourself by following the links below and decide if you agree with me or not!! Thanks for popping in my bloggers, hope you enjoyed it!


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