The Brand that I Admire …

Hi Bloggers!! Today I want to talk to you about a brand that I admire, and that I find appealing to me as a graphic designer. And it is no other than…… SWATCH ……!!!! To me Swatch is different from every other watch brand out there!! You know it’s a Swatch just by catching a glimpse of the watch.

It all started in the 1970’s, the Swiss watch was a work of careful craftsmanship, a uniquely timepiece handed down from generation to generation. Through the years these Swiss watchmakers introduced an extraordinary series of innovative products. These Swiss watches are fitted with a complicated, hand-crafted mechanical movement. All these aspects make this a valuable and timeless piece you carry around with you.

With each watch they make a statement and embodies’ a certain emotion, which is actually what we as graphic designers do…We make a statement with our work and want people to get emotionally involved. Just like a graphic designer, this brand is very versatile. They have watches for every occasion and every personality. Swatch made the watch a fashion object, to be changed every season. The objective is to offer a watch for everyone, at any moment of his life. And this is what is most appealing to me about Swatch, through wearing one of these watches, you communicate to those around you without even saying a word.

By positioning this product as a “fashion watch” they created a whole new market, much larger in size than the original watch market. Not only do they have a large market of consumers, but they also alter consumers’ behavior. Swatch created a new way of expressing yourself, to differentiate yourself from others.

Their color usage is one of the recognizable aspects of Swatch that always catches my eye and forms a great part of their image. You can say that it has become their signature to use these colors for their watches. It creates a rush of emotions, and makes each watch unique. By looking at the examples below you would certainly understand…!!







One of the other interesting things that form part of Swatch’s identity, are their connection with art. Swatch has been inspired by popular culture since the 1960’s when pop art first arrived on the scene. Since then Swatch itself became a canvas for world famous artists, painters, sculptors, musicians and filmmakers. Through this approach, a creative impulse started and is a different medium of expression. Here are a few examples of artists that created unique designs for Swatch, the link will also be provided.

Architect Oscar Niemeyer

Architect Oscar Niemeyer3

Vivienne Westwood

vivienne westwood

Keith Haring

Keith Haring

Mario Fani

Mario Fani

N. Morelli

N Morelli

Beatrice Santicciolo

Beatrice Santicciolo

Coming to the end of today’s blog, I would like to indicate that Swatch is made for rich and for poor, for men and for women, for young and for old. This gives everyone a sense of belonging in a way. This also explains why Swatches are so successful, people don’t just buy only one watch, but several of them, to better express your mood, or fit with your outfit. Because of this strategy, it enables small budget customers to purchase a watch.

Taking the above in consideration it is clear that Swatch has a great strategy in place. They offer a product with a low price but with high quality to their consumers. They differ from those more traditional, stainless steel or leather watches. The only thing I would like to see be improved are their advertisements. When looking at the examples below you can see that all the models / spokes persons are young, even though they state that their watches are for every occasion and every age group. Therefore I would like to see new advertisements but with the focus on the different age groups that Swatch caters for. Hope you enjoyed this blog guys!! Until next time, happy BLOGGING!!!


full_blooded_ads (5)





P.S. Leaving you with something that I absolutely love about SWATCH, their way of creating ideas for their new collections. This absolutely inspires my concept development.



1024x768_int (2)

1024x768_int (1)



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