ITS (International Typographic Style) principles and style

Hi Bloggers!! Hope you enjoyed last weeks ‘one small seed’ post. This week I looked at contemporary logos, sounds easy and fun right….? But here’s the catch, these logos have to reflect ITS principles and styles. I have to say, I thought it would be easy, but when I started looking at these various logos, every logo looked as if it reflected the ITS principles and style. Soooo confusing!!!

Here are some of the logos I looked at:

modern logos 3



contemporary logos 3


modern logos 2


contemporary logos 24




typographic-logo 3

After looking at these logos, I had to narrow them down to my favourite FIVE. Now that I’ve done that, I will be discussing them and justifying my choices.

contemporary logos 24

With this logo I loved the use of the color red. It’s vibrant and catches your attention immediately. You can tell that the sans serif type was well constructed and placed. Hierarchy is visible within this logos type as well. The use of the lines in this logo makes me think of the work done by Anton Stankovski, ‘Berlin-Layout’ (1971).

typographic-logo 3

Here you can clearly see the use of symplified geometric forms/shapes, creating a hard-edged image. Within this logo, nothing is exagerated and no personal expression is noticable. There is a sense of order that takes place within this logo. Also note the hierarchy used within the sans serif type, but still the focus is directed to the image.


The color usage is very vibrant and contrasting, also very pleasant for onlooker to look at. The information is displayed in an efficient presentation where there is clarity and visual order. Textural contrast is created with the use of geometrical shapes namely the triangle, diamond and hexagon.


Just as the above logo, color is a strong aspect within this design. The way the shapes are placed/used, gives the logo a sense of asymmetry, it appears that the shape and size isn’t exactly the same. Although the usage of these shapes in this specific way gives you a sense of chaos…the usage of the type brings clarity and order to everything. The letters is spaced evenly, as if placed on a grid while each falling within a certain color range of the logo.


The elephant is strictly designed with geometric shapes in mind, the design is also very simplistic and static. The sans serif type and image is aligned with each other, giving the feel of a grid. Not much use, or wait almost no usage of color. This emphasizes the clarity and order of this logo.

You will notice that throughout the whole discussion of these logos I would mention the sans serif type. This is because the initiators of the ITS believed that sans serif typography expresses the spirit of a more progressive age and makes legibility and harmony of the information more successful. By looking at these logos you will notice that sans serif is used throughout, indicating that its usage is very popular in this modern age.


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