‘one small seed’

One small seed is a magazine that will never bore you. There is so much going on content wise, from art to architecture, design, fashion, culture and lifestyle. For me as a designer this is a dream magazine, here I can get so much inspiration. Best of all is that the content is mostly South African, with international trends incorporated to expose us to a more global platform as well.

The size of the magazine is very user friendly you can drop it into your bag without a struggle. The cover has a glossy feel to it and its images always attract the audience/the passer by. This is because of their use of color and contemporary culture/issues/happenings. Also because of the fact that the cover is never visually cluttered, and just presents the reader with the necessary information needed. The images below are examples of the above mentioned.




The content is highly intellectual and forward thinking. They always cover the hottest, trendiest topics within the South African pop culture, forming a platform for local creativity. This inspires young and upcoming creative minds to never give up. It also gives them hope to achieve their dreams and goals, just like the people in this magazine. These stories range from garage creative to musicians and architects. Due to their wide variety of content/topics within each issue, they attract a lot of different users and have a big fan base. If you follow the link below you can take a look at the different categories the magazine consist of:


The genre is also very modern with an edgy feel and style to it. They always keep the brand fresh and keep on evolving with the world. The type that they use is always readable and the layout clean and elegant, forming a harmony. They combine strong typography with striking imagery, which forms part of the brand’s identity. The placement of the page numbers also vary according to the feel and theme of the content. For instance: On the one spread it would be in the center of the left-and right-hand margins. Or they would be placed in the bottom left corner and the top right corner of the layout. Below is examples of their type usage and layout:


Screen shot 2012-09-04 at 9.27.31 AM

There is no doubt that ‘one small seed’s’ niche is for the creative and open minded people of South Africa. People that are eager to learn and have a hunger for quality work especially for the young and vibrant crowd with an edge. And do not forget the one’s with a high income and a large appetite for exclusive brands.


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