Our Manifesto

Finally, I have forced myself towards the point where my group and I decided to write our own manifesto. This kind of feels like a brave feeling!!! We are looking forward to see how it turns out… hope u support us and let us know when you can think of something that we can add! So that we can start that revolution I told you guys about….(excited, hie ha)!!! If you don’t understand the meaning of manifesto, please read the part of my blog with the title: meaning of manifesto…OK, let us get started!!
Our own manifesto:
1. The essential surviving words in our everyday routine is: motivation, positivity and hard work.
2. We would want a holiday all year round, to get rid of our frustration and sleeplessness of being a design student.
3. We declare that the world is over-concerned with wealth, and people are only focussed on the outward. We want to exalt this idea, and let people believe in the inward again.
4. We live in a world of fast-growing technological advancements and we declare to support the scientists every step of the way. Without technology, our work is ruined.
5. As graphic designers we must fill our days with colour, fresh ideas and motivation so that we can be most successful as designers.
6. People are visual human beings and that allows us designers to communicate to our people in a way that they will memorize it and add their own meanings.
7. As designers we strive to create something new, something to open the world’s eyes. So our goal is to let go of the past traditional way of doing things! We create, not repeat!
8. We want to establish peace and help our nation to become a proud nation.
9. We would like to demolish weapons, drugs, distrust and racism, so that we can move forward in peace.
Wow!! That felt good…. You should try it something, it makes you feel heroic….lol


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