Contemporary Game

Looking back to the sort of games which our parents use to play differ a hole lot to the type of games we have come to know. The games which most teenagers play nowadays are more advanced and way more technologically oriented.
According to Scott Yoder computer games are undeniably popular among teenagers. Some studies conclude there is a link between playing violent video games and tendencies towards violent behaviour.
Increasingly, the social element to playing computer games affects how teenagers interact with peers. Playing computer games has also been shown to improve problem-solving skills and increase adeptness at using technology overall. But an addictive aspect too many games suggest that playing in moderation is critical.
Computer Games and Violence
• Many studies analyze the effect of violent computer games on teens. For example, a study by the Indiana University School of Medicine produced brain-scan data showing that exposure to violent computer games and other media affects the area of the brain responsible for decision-making and behavior control. Violent computer games may exacerbate tendencies towards violent behavior in some teens, while others are unaffected. Experts and game manufacturers agree that violent games need to be monitored for age appropriateness and should be played in moderation.
Computer Games and Social Life
• For many teens, playing computer games is a major component of their overall social experience. The Internet also allows multiple players to be involved in the same game from remote locations. These games allow players to support one another within the game, and players often make connections outside of the gaming environment. However, these relationships can also have negative effects. The Pew Research study showed teens sometimes experienced hateful, racist and sexist behavior when playing online games.
Computer Skill and Dexterity
• There is evidence that playing computer games helps with eye-hand coordination. Teens that play computer games must learn to use hand controls and steer their way through complex game environments. Also, computer games often initiate exposure to various types of technology that have applications in other areas of life and work.
Computer Game Addiction
• Research shows that computer games can become addictive, which few teens would find surprising. The complex nature and advanced graphics of many computer games make them compelling entertainment. Both gaming experts and parenting support groups agree that for teenagers, computer games should be played in moderation.
The Effects of Computer Games Among Teenagers |


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