Japanese Influence of Western Design

Japonism or Japonisme describes how Japanese art and culture influence/d the West. After a 200 year period of total isolation Commodore Perry opened Japan’s door to the outside world in 1858. The West was influenced by the metalwork, architecture, print-making and painting of the Japanese. While the West influenced the Japanese through their electrifying new ideas on composition, color and design.

Often design and art is influenced by a current culture and by art history. Not only does these elements shape the artist’s views and the purpose of their design, but also the materials and ideas they use. In recent years many Western designers have been influenced by the Japanese aesthetic, specifically pop culture/art (Design based on modern cultural elements such as television or comic books) and contemporary design. These designers include Simone Legno and Matthew Waldman.

Work of Simone Legno:

Work of Matthew Waldman:


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