Relevant results concerning the terms ‘Zeitgeist’ & ‘Utopia’

The German expression ‘Zeitgeist’ means “the spirit of the age”. The intellectual & cultural climate of an era is described by this word/term. The word was created so that it could inspire people to start looking at the world from a more critical perspective.

This includes the general outlook/world view of a specific time/period, especially the way these out looks are reflected in literacy, philosophy & art/design.

If we look back on the past & look at where we are now, it is clear that societies can change, as well as their values within society.

The word ‘Utopia’ comes from the Greeks and there is constantly a references to Roman and Greek myths and beliefs. This place is fictional & does not or cannot exist. In this modern time we live in, Utopia is defined as an ideal place. A place where society and economical conditions are ideal. It is a place where all is free from conflict and filled with serenity.

Because of the human desire to create an ideal society the western idea of utopia originated in the ancient world.

There have bee many attempts to try and create the ‘ideal’ society, in word and in deed. This have never been achieved therefore labelling this as unrealistic hopes. This information constructed by Megan Kisow was for me personally the most entertaining and well put together site, and I learned a lot by reading this site.

To get these relevant and reliable information I looked for sites that include an author and a date that shows when it was last updated. To refine my search, I used words such as article and journal. This helped me to get reliable information.

1. Title: Zeitgeist – Introduction
Author: Edward L Winston

2. Title: The Zeitgeist Movement
Author: Richard Stallman

3. Title: What is Utopia?
Author: Megan Kisow

4. Title: Utopias in America

5. Title: Moral Zeitgeist

6. Title: Word of the day – Zeitgeist

7. Title: Utopia

8. Title: Zeitgeist Addendum – Steps toward a sustainable future
Author: Rady Ananda

9. Title: Utopia

10. Title: The Utopian Ideal over Time


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