Definition of terms on the internet and how it relates to Design.

Here is the information I found regarding the topics ‘Zeitgeist’ and ‘Utopia’ on the internet. Zeitgeist is a general trend of thought or feeling during a particular period. It is the general cultural, intellectual, spiritual or political climate within a nation or even a specific group.

Philosophers such as Voltaire & Hegel were intrigued by the idea of “the spirit of the age”. Though it was said by Hegel that philosophies and works of art can’t transcend the spirit of the age in which they are produced.

Through the years people have experienced and seen things in a different way then the way we are seeing and understanding things now. Due to these changes that take place through the ages we adapt to our environment around us. Then we find ways to express ourselves within the context of what is happening around us, our surroundings and our environment.

Utopia, as described by Sir Thomas More, is an imagenary island representing the perfect society. This is an imparctical, idealistic scheme for social and political reform.

During the ages, social conditions have been critizesed by philosophers using ‘Utopia’ as their driving force. Through this they “paint the picture with no words” to illustrate/describe a place where people live freely in a world without conflict.

This will never change and that’s a fact, the human race will always strive towards perfection. It’s like one of the goals we have in life, how can we be perfect in every way and how can we create a perfect/ideal world around us. This is especially seen in the art/designs surrounding us. Through art/design it is communicated to us what it is that we should be being part of. The way we look, the way we dress, the lifestyle we lead is influenced by the way the world seeks ‘perfection’. These designs surround us every day and therefore we are influenced daily.

Because of the definitions of these topics, I could easily distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information. Due to the fact that I understood what these terms include it made it easier for me to find information that fits into the context of my work/research.


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